Welcome at INS-Security

CEO Martin Fohn

We, the INS-Security, a security-company which is specialized in personal safety, observation and also in event-security for all type of events.

We are from Austria, but we operate worldwide.

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What’s behind the INS-Security

Our task is to guarantee maximum security for our clients by providing quality trained and highly skilled employees.
Our staff ensures your security, while you as a client determine priorities and emphasis.
Customer sadisfaction comes by the qualitiy we deliver in all aspects of security over time. We recognise that there cannot be total protection, but we will be up to date in our means of modern security measurements.
Bodyguards / Close Protection, Protection, Privat Investigation and Event Security

Our areas of expertise

Bodyguard – 95%
Private Investigation – 90%
Security – 93%
Event Security – 90%

Our happy Customers