Security / Eventsecurity

We distant ourselves from the practice of „simulated security“  and  „Discount offers“. Our  utmost importance is to ensure the highest measure of security, for as long as the needs of our client is called for.

The area of our  responsibilites  are varied:

  • Companies and their facilities
  • Eventsecurity
  • Real Estate property
  • City security
  • Banks
  • Casinos
  • Building sites
  • Schools and Educational buildings

Securityperson is no longer  considered  a „part-time-job“ . It is now considered a vocation where trust, appearance, professionalism and responsability is called for.

The below listings are starting  prices. Please contact us for a quote concerning your exact needs.

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Doorman / Eventsecurity

from22,-per hour
  • From 5 hours
  • at Events


24,-per hour
  • of buildings, property
  • for full-time employment


150,-per hour
  • Mileage allowance: 1,- per km
  • XXX


55,-per hour
  • depending on the security level
  • XXX