In Austria incidents concerning personal protection are very rare. Subsequently, most security companies do not adapt a professional attitude and is often the case that driver and bodyguard are ident.

This is however a far cry from our professional expectations. If needed, the driver may be armed and consequently intergrated into the bodyguard protection team. The cost of a bodyguard in Austria and Germany starts at €45.- depending on the extent of danger.

Some major companies offer dumping prices, unfortunately the quality of staff supplied is no incentive for further engagements. In the practice you may be aquitted with a Nightwatchman who has just finished duty, a Doorguard or Porter. Nevertheless, it`s your security at risk, and you must evalueate your personal level of importance.

The below listings are starting prices. Please contact us for a quote concerning your exact needs.

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55,-per hour
  • depending on the security level
  • XXX

Mileage allowance

1,-per km
  • XXX
  • XXX


150,-per hour
  • Mileage allowance: 1,- per km
  • XXX